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Do you have an email list?

This email contains affiliate links. A small portion of the sales does go to supporting my blog. These services discussed are services that I actually use and I love. I would never share something with you that I didn’t trust and like.

Did you know that email marketing, and an email list is still one of the best ways to make sales online today? It is 40 times more likely to lead to a sale than any social media network!

Have you been capturing your customer emails?
If you have current customers, they likely had to give you their email address. What do you do with these? Anything?

Your company likely allows you to download a spreadsheet of these. This can be used to be build an external email list! This is a place to start.

What about adding to my email list?
Of course as you get more customers, they go on the list. But what about other people? The best way to MAKE a sale eventually is to get someone on the list. How can you do that?

Ask them to join your list
Oh I know how obvious right? But how often do you meet someone not quite ready to buy, just wanting to wait or get more information? A lot right? What can you offer them? If you have an online group, you can offer that, BUT you can also offer to get on an email list to be notified of new things, and get free stuff!

Write weekly content on a blog or your website
Sharing a weekly topic or information through a blog or website appeals to people. They can be informed via email that it is there and then they can check it out at their leisure. This is what people like! People want to learn, and love free information and they can do it on their own time.

Give them something for free
I share lots of freebies with you each week that you can give your customers. OR you can create your own! Even better! By offering something for free people see you care, and they can experience you and your content for no cost. This creates trust and a following, so when it is time to offer something paid, or if they are on the fence, they will be more likely to consider or to purchase from you.

This is all well and good but how do you send an email?

Set Up An Email Service
In order to send weekly emails you need an email service. Now there are a few ways you can go, but they are very user friendly.

When I first started I started with a free-service only. It worked well for the time being, but as I started to grow my list and create offers, I needed more functionality than a free service offers.

The lack of functionality might not seem important to you, but at the end of the day that means more hours spent by-passing and rigging up the system. Believe me – I am a master at trying to do that and it wastes so much time. It’s not worth it because the great news is there are amazing values out there for a year of an email marketing company that cut your time IN HALF or more!

My Favorite Email Marketing Provider

I love Aweber. You can get a free trial here.

With Aweber the dashboard is simple and user friendly. You can run multiple lists right from inside the same dashboard. Each week if you want to offer a new freebie and connect it to just your main list – you can! You can just create a new sign up form, tag it to lead to the same overall list and bam new members that go onto your list each week, and just a simple signup form!

You can create campaigns. This is an email series that provides them with your free gift, and then create a follow up series with more gifts or freebies. OR you can just create the follow up email with the gift as a campaign for each one, and it’s linked only to the form with the tag you made! It’s so easy.

How is this better than free services?
With a free service, each and every week you have to create a new email list for each offer you send. The people who sign up get their follow up email, but they don’t end up on your main list. You then have to manually transfer and track these lists. Then on top of that each week you have to make ANOTHER list, and ANOTHER campaign.

With Aweber, you can copy a former campaign and tweek the link and bam you are done. It saves hours of time of controlling content.

Aweber offers all types of video support, document support and online support for questions and to learn how to run marketing campaigns if you are new to it! I will be talking about these more in the future, and sharing more about the tools I use.

How is this better than OTHER paid services?
Well for one – it’s one of the cheaper options that offers so many functions. There are others out there for so much more money, and they do offer the same and additional features. But this is a simple, easy to use provider that doesn’t cost much money for a year! I like to keep things simple!

If you are looking to learn more about the tools I use – I have added a new link on the menu – Tools of the Trade. Some of them I am an affiliate (but not all). They are just the tools I use and love. Many of them I have been using for many many years.

For today – think about how you can get started with weekly content to an email list. Then when you want to sell a program or service, you have an active audience! Grab your email series guide to get started today!

Want to start reaching your customers via email for more long-term results? Grab Your Email Series Guide Here!


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