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5 Reasons to Avoid Processed Foods

Last week I shared with you how to change your life (and your customer’s) with real food! This week I am sharing about processed foods. What they are and the five reasons you should be avoiding them.

I am going to send you to my other blog to learn more about that here.

Before you go though, let me tell you why this is important to you and your customers (AND – be sure to grab you Real Food Swap Guide below to use with your customers and yourself. Yours is brand-free).

1- Avoiding processed foods eliminates/reduces cravings. This is because your body is getting the nutrition it needs from real food sources, instead of empty high calorie processed foods.

2- Eliminating processed foods cuts down on exposure to chemicals, processing agents, preservatives, added fats, sugars, emulsifiers, dyes, added sodium and more. All of these things lead to heart problems, stroke, autoimmune diseases, additional weight gain, diabetes and more.

3- Switching to real food helps you lose weight and keep it off. As long as you control portions and pay attention to feelings of fullness when eating, it’s MUCH easier to maintain or lose weight with real food. Many real foods like vegetables and fruits are VERY low calorie yet VERY filling. Your body is nourished and not begging for more. A medium zucchini only has 38 calories and it’s a serving size (the whole thing). If you chop that with some hummus (homemade is about 68 calories) that is a great filling, delicious snack that fulfills your nutritional needs. On the other hand 12 crackers is a serving size for some crackers and they are a few hundred calories with no nutritional value (empty calories).

Check out the whole piece on my other blog, and if you feel so inclined you can put your name on that list as well.

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