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How Real Food Can Change Yours & Your Customers Lives

I am starting to share a lot about my journey with real food. If you don’t know much about what that means – check out my post over here. This journey and information is different and extremely valuable to you and your business. Here is why.

By getting people to switch their food source to real food, and less or no processed food, you will change their life! You will change their waistline, you will change their physique and you will change the course of diseases they may already have or prevent them from developing them. What does this mean for business? No matter what product you sell they will feel better and you are the one that told them how to do it!

How Real Food Changed Our Lives
I plan to have a whole post specifically on this but just to give you an idea what this means to us. I have lupus and was very sick and undiagnosed for years. Even after diagnosis I was still unwell and struggling and didn’t want to take meds anymore. I wanted to be free. Although real food isn’t a cure, it controls inflammation, lowers it and keep the symptoms at bay!

My son was born with an autoinflammatory disorder, and controlling inflammation was critical in his life. We worked our way to a real foods only diet and he got control as well.

My husband had high cholesterol shortly after I met him many years ago, and getting off processed foods and eating real foods lowered his cholesterol when combined with fitness.

What is real food?
Real food is food that is as close to the natural state as possible. It has no additives or preservatives (other than natural things that may do that on their own), and it is a bunch of ingredients that you must make into a meal or food item.

Some real food items like meat, fruits, berries, nuts, legumes – these are real food items and can be eaten in their state without being an ingredient in another dish. But most real food items are ingredients from nature (plant and animal) that are ingredients in other meals parts.

Want to get a complete breakdown for meats, fruits/veggies, grains, proteins and more? What the heck is grass fed, pastured, organic and more? Grab the guide that walks you through this in depth below. This guide is unbranded for you to share with your customers.

Grab Your Real Food Guide Here! Your guide is completely unbranded for you to use with your customers!


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How does real food eating relate to my business?
If you are not in the health industry you might be wondering how this related. Some part of your business is likely related to your body, or else you wouldn’t be here. With that said – proper nutrition helps with:
* Skincare
* Weight management
* Energy levels
* Disease control
* Heart-related health (i.e. cholesterol, high blood pressure and related conditions)
* Stable blood sugar levels & more!

How else does this relate to you?
You may be thinking to yourself that you really just don’t see how this is going to fit with your customers? Well, does it relate to you? Have you wondered about your food source?

Do you have a lot of inflammation? Do you have skin problems? Do you struggle to manage weight without huge restrictions, or just can’t lose and can’t figure out why? Have you developed other conditions that you really just can’t figure out what the cause is from? There are many problems with our so-called food source that you are completely unaware of (most likely). I know that I sure was.

Over the next few months I am going to be sharing useful information you can use personally and with your customers to help them make lasting changes in their life. For today – don’t forget to grab your Real Foods Guide, and put it to use with customers and in your own life. See where it leads you.

Coming Soon Through My Wellness Business

Your Guide to Beginning a Real Food Lifestyle – Coming this Spring!

After having lupus symptoms since I was 15 years old, and then receiving a diagnosis at 21, I needed and wanted to get control over my body. I had spent years trying to understand what was wrong with me. Of course, I was medicated at diagnosis (and even before). The meds were causing side effects and I wasn’t in control of my own body. I felt helpless.

I knew that there HAD TO BE A WAY to regain control, feel good again, and get my body to stop waging war on itself. And there was.

If you struggle with your weight, have autoimmune or other dietary diseases, problems with digestion, lack energy and have been told you are at risk for heart issues in the future this is the way to go. Maybe you haven’t had any of these issues, but you just generally want to eat better! You are in the right place!

Do you feel out of control in your own body and KNOW something needs to change?

• Learn to plan, shop, prep and cook real food meals easily.
Transition from processed food, take out meals and eating out daily to home-cooked real food in a simple-to-accomplish way.
• Regain control over your food and your body!

Check out my site and learn more about how you can take this online course as a way to learn what you can teach your customers, or just change your own life! Think of it as personal development!