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Monthly Planning Helps You Run Groups

As I am sure you have heard – failing to plan means you are planning to fail! It’s true when it comes to your business, and your monthly groups and goals.

You may not have a financial goal, or maybe you do, you may have social media posts that need tending, or you need to get a schedule together to actually follow through with those online groups!

Have you been considering running groups but don’t even know where to start? Check out this post here. You can start planning. But in addition to the ideas you need a PLAN to execute!

How do I do it?
Every single month (and I do two months out), I pick the dates to start to promote my groups, and then the start dates. I run the same cycle of groups over and over, and know I will need to have a fresh graphic and fresh text each month on a certain day.

I use the FREE calendar (offer below) to do this. I keep it simple.

What about that promotion and social media posts in general?
Thinking beyond groups is important as well. I do weekly post topics written out by a heading as well listed. I will even go as far as to type out the text ahead so I can copy and paste. I do this, mainly, because I work several jobs and I need those posts ready to go so I can do it quickly. I save the image that go with them in a folder inside a Google Drive account. I pull them and paste them.

I also like to know I am getting a good balance on my page of personal sharing and business sharing. Although I try to keep my business on my business page, I do like to share a bit at times to my personal page in a different format.

I also plan out a full week’s worth of blog posts at the same time, as well as my challenge group content for that week. I am a HUGE fan of batch creation. I take one or two topics and spread the content in different formats across the week. I generally look at a topic that applies to you all professionals as well as my customers! Sometimes my customers get some extra educational information too! I love to give away free tools each week to my email list subscribers! (If you are not on that list you can get on that here.)

How long does this all take me?
I spend one day a week (about 4 hours) focused on content production, and that includes creation of the freebies and all my weekly posts across the board. I do spend maybe another hour here and there throughout the week making sure everything is being posted or shared. But generally all of the planning is done on one day!

You can do this! If you want to start groups, or just get better at them. Use the calendar here to make that plan. Put your post topics on it – put your promo dates and your start dates and stick to them!

Get your FREE planner here (all 12 months included for use over and over again!)


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