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Hydration Challenges Work

One of the most engaged groups I have ever run was a hydration group. Hydration is one of THE most important things for your customers to accomplish. If they can’t drink primarily water every single day, limit caffeine, alcohol and sugar beverages it will be difficult for them to achieve most health goals. Weight loss, disease control, gut regulation and health and so much more are tied into hydration.

A bit of background on the importance of hydration first!

Most people do not realize the amount of water they need to drink in their day. Why do we need to drink water anyway? Can’t we quench our thirst other ways? The answer is no – not really.

Why we need water
Our bodies are comprised of 60 percent water. Water is essential in all major organs and body system functions. If you want to get into the nitty gritty check this out.

Put along the lines of being simply mindful let’s look at its impact on our daily lives.

If you have ever felt like your body temperature was just not quite right, or you have had dry lips, mouth or even bloating or swelling in your hands or feet – you have experienced a lack of water.  Our body uses water to heat and cool itself inside to sending it out through perspiration. We need it for saliva production, which is necessary for digestion and eating. We need it to keep our kidneys functioning and filtering out waste from our blood. Even simple dehydration can require hospitalization and fluids. It can mess with your brain, how you think, and how your body functions.

What happens to us if we don’t drink enough?
We need to have enough water to keep our body running at peak capacity for our metabolism and digestion. Most of us just want to look good, and feel good, and some of us are working on losing weight. Having the proper amount of water each day will give you a more accurate weight measurement. Just like skipping snacks is bad for your body, not having enough water is the same. Your body will enter into a conservation mode, thus keeping all the water in. You will have extra pounds, and less filtration.

Lack of water also creates a lose in our thought process, creating anger, confusion, stress and more. We can develop kidney stones, as well as other organ malfunction. We can become simply thirsty, or overheated or hypothermic in the correct conditions.

Should we drink other beverages?
Well, it’s a choice. Water is the BEST beverage for your body. It’s what your body needs to be at it’s best.

What about soda? Sugar drinks, like sodas, and coffee are full of caffeine and harmful sugars if used regularly.

What about juice? Juice is an option, but many juices purchased in the store are not just juice from a fruit, but rather concentrated or simply man-made juice not from the source. Sugar levels are high and nutrients can be low.

What about alcohol? Of course, alcohol dehydrates the body and can cause other issues with organs and brain function if used in excess.

What about milk? Milk and other dairy beverages can be beneficial for nutrients, but watching the content of the milk product is important. Getting the right balance of fats (types of fats specifically) is important when looking at dairy, or dairy like beverages.

The BEST thing about water is – there are ZERO calories! That’s right – drink as much as you would like every day.

Can you drink too much water? Yes you can, but it’s rare. You can overdo it and cause digestive upset and more.

Guidelines for water intake
If you work out, are in a hot climate and are sweating you will need more water than the recommended daily amount. Most people need to consume about half of their body weight in water, or slightly more. (i.e. 60 percent of us is made of it). If you end up consuming alcoholic beverages, you would need even more water, just like a hot day or a work out.

How to consume it
In our home we all have our own water bottles. They are Kleen Kanteens or similar variations. They are metal and are re-useable. There are no straws or extra pieces. We take the tops off drink, and return the tops.

We are sure our water bottles are filled each time we leave the house. When we plan to spend more than a few hours away, we take glass ball jars full of our water in a small cooler, and we refill as needed.

This method provides us with clean water, and it’s FREE! We don’t need to buy water bottles repeatedly and it’s better for the environment.

The best way to keep your water up is to be sure that bottle is full and with you all day.  Add a slice of your favorite fruit or veggie for a bit more flavor.If you are still not liking how water tastes to you, infusing it with fruits and vegetables is amazing.

Don’t forget – consume half your body weight to have optimum body function! This week just try adding an additional 16 oz. a day and see how much better you feel!

Now that we know a bit about hydration – the great thing is that we can share this in a 7 day or 21 day group (any longer is very tough I have tried). This would be a great group at 7 days to get them ready to join a longer challenge group coming up after the 7 days. A 21 day group really solidifies a habit and will give results like mild weight loss, clearer skin and more to your customers. You can plug products where appropriate as well during these groups. Your group will be excited, engaged and really get change.

If you want even more support – check out my made-for-you 7 and 21 day program packs. Included are:
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