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Want More Successful Customers? Here is a plan!

January 8, 2019

Have you wondered if running an online group would help grow your business? Or maybe you have run them but you have been inconsistent and you aren’t sure why? Just like your customers – planning is crucial.

If you want your customers to succeed in nutrition and fitness they need to learn to plan. They will need to plan for food, fitness and more.

I work with a lot of people on how they eat to create a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle, and to help them control disease and lose weight.

The number one thing I have learned is that PLANNING is the biggest obstacle to making nutrition happen. Even possible using your products daily!

They need a meal plan. They need to know what to shop for at the grocery store weekly – or even biweekly. They need to stick to the plan. Sure, do we get thrown off sometimes and have to eat on the run? We do! But having a plan to work around that is also important! Knowing what they need for nutrients is key to making good choices out in restaurants, on the go and on vacations as well.

Here are a few tips to have them try:
* Put themselves in the situation ahead of time. They know they have a busy weekend coming up. They know they will be gone for lunch and dinner. What do they need to do to be prepared? Oh, and since they won’t be home- they will also need water and snacks right? So make that plan and bring it with them.

*If they have been in a situation repeatedly and made poor decisions, consider what went wrong and how to adjust it for the next time it comes up. Don’t wait until they are in the situation and feeling desperately hungry or lost and confused with a menu. Know what they need to get, and know their limits and draw the line before they get too desperate.

*Remember their body needs protein, some carbs earlier in the day and veggies to feel full. If they know what their body needs, and they know what types of foods make that happen – they can choose in any emergency eating out situation to make it a healthy choice.

*Know their busy times of the day and week and plan around them. This prevents a last minute hustle that often leads to poor decisions.

Planning is everything in life, as well as proper nutrition and hydration. Without a plan they are hungry, dehydrated and desperate.

The great news here is that I can help you provide your customers with a tool for planning! (Not only are they going to get the tools from you, but you get some help in setting up an online group and planning yourself!) Check out the free offer below – you can give them a meal planner, fitness planner, and a hydration tracker!

This comes with a guide for planning for yourself, as well as 3 planners to use with your customers! A meal planner, a fitness planner, and a hydration tracker!


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Looking for more tools to get your job easier? Check out some hydration program packs, weight loss plateau posts and graphics, and more! (Continuing to build as I launch in 2019).

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